The water source is located in the Bergamo Alps (province of Lecco), at the foot of the northern Grigna, 2,410 meters above sea level, in Valsassina, Primaluna. The high filtering capacity of the rocks provides a crystal clear and refreshing water.


Temperature at the source: 10,8 C
pH at the source: 7,4
Dry residue at 180C: 228 mg/L
Conductivity at 20C: 320 S/cm
Carbonic anhydride at the source: 8,4 mg/L

Mineralization (mg / L):
bicarbonate: 156,2
sulphate: 54,8
calcium: 47,6
chlorides: 4,6
magnesium: 17,2
silica: 8,2
sodium: 3,5
potassium: 1,6
Alpica  Source